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Remodels are sometimes more complex and challenging than a new building project. A great level of supervision is required during a remodel because the job often involves demolitioning and disassembling important sections of the home to make the remodel possible. You should only trust the most highly skilled and experienced home remodeling team with the job. That’s why at Bob Kurtz Homes, we thoroughly plan and execute each stage with precision and excellence.

1. On-Site Consultation & Free design

First, we meet you at your property for a free, on-site consultation. We listen carefully to your vision and begin strategizing the most efficient way to make your dream a reality. We’ll then provide you with a free design to give you a glimpse of the finished product.

2. Detailed, Day-By-Day Schedule & Budget Breakdown

Before we start a remodel, we will formulate a comprehensive schedule for your remodel, detailed down to the day. You will know what tasks will be done each day, who will be there on what day, and for how long. This way you can plan the remodel around your life, and not the other way around.

You will know the exact day when the framers, electricians, or painters will be working. Most importantly, you know exactly when we will be finished, so that you can get your life back as quickly as possible.

3. On-Time & On-Budget Execution

Remodeling jobs can sometimes drag out, leaving you stuck in limbo, unable to get back to normal life. Many people grow frustrated as they are forced to constantly work their schedules around the project and keep their small children away from the construction area for weeks or months on end. Usually two causes are to blame for the delay: scheduling conflicts with contractors and having too small a pool of craftsmen to draw from. At Bob Kurtz Homes, we carefully plan each stage of the project down to the exact day so that no contractors are left waiting on one another to get their part of the job done. We also rely on a substantial pool of builders and contractors to get your remodel finished much faster than the typical remodeler.

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